1. Plate

Gets inked and then transfers
the design to paper.

Plates can be made in a few different ways. Historically, wood and metal were used, and I have a growing collection of wood type and copper-etched imagery. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can design and print your work by selecting from these pre-made vintage plates. However, if you want something new and custom made, we can design your artwork digitally and produce photopolymer plates.

K152 Photopolymer Plate Pricing

Order SizeCost/in²
0 to 200 in² $0.71
200 to 600 in² $0.69
600 to 1000 in² $0.67
1000 to 2000 in² $0.65

* Minimum plate order is $35.50 for 50 in²
* Pricing does not factor in shipping from
Boxcar Press. Please add an extra $10
* You receive Free 2-Day Shipping if your
order is over 120 in²

Plate Cost Estimates

Business Cards (2 X 3.5″)
$35.50 + $10 Shipping *

Wedding Suite
Includes Invitation (Half Letter),
Reception (Quarter Letter), and
RSVP (Quarter Letter) Cards
$90 + Free Shipping

Posters (13 X 20″)
$197 + Free Shipping

Decorative Prints
(Suggested 10 X 13″)
$105 + Free Shipping

Bookmarks (2 X 8.5″)
$35.50 + $10 Shipping *

Coasters (4″ Round or Square)
$35.50 + $10 Shipping *

Menus (Half Letter)
$40 + $10 Shipping

Announcements (Half Letter)
$40 + $10 Shipping

Merch Tags (2.75″ Square)
$35.50 + $10 Shipping *

Greeting Cards
(Full or Half Letter Folded in Half)
$40 + $10 Shipping

Postcards (Quarter Letter)
$35.50 + $10 Shipping *

* Minimum plate order is 50 in², so use your space and gang projects!
** If you gang up multiple smaller print jobs ( ≥ 120 in² ), you are eligible for free shipping.
*** Please note, plate sizes also account for ¼ crop marks

Experiments with Alternative Plates

Cards for Humanity is a curious, actively evolving indie letterpress studio. Our main objective is to combat the stereotype that letterpress is antiquated, exorbitant, and meant for select privileged individuals. That’s why we’re experimenting with unique, cost-effective ways to be thrifty with plate-making, since that’s typically the largest expense. Our digital designs are currently transferred to photopolymer plates, made by the beloved crew at Boxcar Press. But some promising results with 3D printers and laser engravers are leading us to alternative polymer, wood, and HDF plates. Experiments with alternative hot foil stamping equipment are also underway. Please stay tuned as we aim to continue improving our processes for higher quality and even lower prices!

2. Paper

Gets embossed and inked by the
plate using our platen press.

Letterpress paper is a special pillowy 100% cotton-rag. We use Crane’s Lettra, the only paper developed expressly for letterpress printing. Its special fabric-like texture maximizes the letterpress imprint. It comes in two weights: 110 lb, a medium-weight cardstock and 220 lb, a heavy-weight cardstock. If you are looking for something different, please check out these resources: Legion Paper, Letterpress Paper, and Boxcar Press. You have a few different options, depending on the paper weight, color, and size of the kind of card you are printing!

Paper Cost Estimates

Business Cards (2 X 3.5″)
Lettra 110 lb: $.05 per card
Lettra 220 lb: $.14 per card

Wedding Invitation (Half Letter)
Lettra 110 lb: $.29 per card
Lettra 220 lb: $.76 per card

Wedding Reception
and RSVP Cards (Quarter Letter)
Lettra 110 lb: $.15 per card
Lettra 220 lb: $.38 per card

Posters (13 X 20″)
Lettra 110 lb: $.89 per poster

Decorative Prints (10 X 13″)
Lettra 110 lb: $.45 per print

Bookmarks (2 X 8.5″)
Lettra 110 lb: $.12 per bookmark
Lettra 220 lb: $.31 per bookmark

4″ Round: $.15 per coaster
4″ Square: $.16 per coaster

Menus and Announcements
(Half Letter)
Lettra 110 lb: $.29 per card
Lettra 220lb: $.76 per card

Merch Tags (2.75″ Square)
Lettra 110 lb: $.05 per tag
Lettra 220 lb: $.14 per tag

Greeting Cards
(Full or Half Letter Folded in Half)
Lettra 110 lb Full: $.57 per card
Lettra 110 lb Half: $.29 per card

Postcards (Quarter Letter)
Lettra 110 lb: $.15 per card
Lettra 220 lb: $.38 per card

3. Ink

Soaks into paper like a boss.

We have a full set of Van Son rubber-based primaries (red, yellow, blue), black, opaque white, transparent white, metallics (silver, gold) and florescents (blue, green, red, orange, magenta, pink, yellow). Any color can be mixed to work with your design!

Ink Cost

$5 for 1 Plate: Single Sided or 1-Color Design
$8 for 2 Plates: Double Sided, 2-Color Design, or 2 Projects
$10 for 3 or More Plates: Projects with multiple components.

4. Labor

Entails design + print production.

Materials prices are at-cost. Labor prices are very modest. We do this because we love it. $30 Discount if you combine 2 or more jobs!

A. Design Production Estimate

Prices are based on a few different scenarios. See which option fits your needs and budget!

1. Economy Class: Designs With Premade Plates (House Special)
If you’re on a tight budget, The Economy Class is the option for you! Design production is cheaper if you decide to use our premade vintage plates and polymer alphabets. Check out our collection of wood/polymer type and copper-etched imagery to see if this is an option for you. Prices depend on how many colors (separate plates) are printed .

2. Business Class: Custom Design Plates (Recommended)
The Business Class is the most popular option. For this, we digitally design the type and imagery and produce either polymer or laser-engraved wood plates. Prices depend on the complexity of the design. For instance, designs with only typography are cheaper than designs that include type and hand-drawn illustrations or lettering.

2. Solo Class: Your Design
Wanna do your own thing? If you supply the design, there is only a small setup fee to make your artwork print-ready! Solo Class prices depend on the number of colors (separate plates) are printed.

B. Print Production Estimate

Each plate is printed by hand using our platen presses. Prints are made one at a time and are individually checked for quality control. Depending on the job, we use either The Studio’s 5″ X 7.5″ Sigwalt No. 4, Kelsey Excelsior 5″ X 8″, Kelsey Excelsior 9″ X 13″, or Chandler & Price 8″ X 12″. For cutting, we have a 19″ Challenge Style 193 Guillotine and a Sterling Round Cornering Machine. All of our equipment is over 80 years old, fully manually operated, and runs like the day it was made. This is the special ingredient that makes our prints charming and cherished.

Printing and Cutting
Depends on the complexity, size of the image, number of plates (separate colors and/or double sided), and the edition size (number of copies).

$75–$95 per plate for edition sizes under 100
$105–$115 per plate for edition sizes 100 to 250
$125–$155 per plate for edition sizes 250 to 500
$165–$185 per plate for edition sizes 500 to 1000

Corner Rounding
$15 for edition sizes under 250
$25 for edition sizes 250 to 500
$35 for edition sizes 500 to 1000

Die Cutting
$40 per die for edition sizes under 250
$60 per die for edition sizes 250 to 500
$80 per die for edition sizes 500 to 1000

Please see our collection of dies! I am also in the midst of acquiring a laser engraver, which means I will be able to cut paper to custom shapes!

Hot Foil Stamping
Coming Soon!

Production Time

Custom projects utilizing photopolymer plates usually take 2 weeks from start to finish, including design and production time. This depends upon the intricacy of the design job and how the weather affects shipping speeds. If you need your cards sooner than this, there will be a TBA rush fee for shipping.

Shipping Costs

If you live within the Tampa Bay area, we can hand deliver the work to you! Otherwise, we mail via USPS. Shipping rates will vary dependent upon the size and weight of the prints and where they’re going to. The cost can be estimated once the prints have been made.